Cross Platform Gaming Guide Playing Across Multiple Devices
Cross-Platform Gaming Guide: Playing Across Multiple Devices
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Cross-Platform Gaming Guide: Playing Across Multiple Devices

Cross-platform gaming refers to the ability to play the same game across multiple devices, whether console, PC, or mobile. With cross-play becoming more common, gamers have an unprecedented ability to play with friends and other players regardless of what system they own. This guide will provide an overview of cross-platform gaming and tips for making the most of your cross-play experience.

What is Cross-Platform Gaming?

Cross-platform gaming means that the same game can be played across multiple devices and systems. For example, a game may be available on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices, all using the same servers and allowing players on different devices to play together. Here are some key things to know about cross-platform games:

  • Cross-progression – Game progression and unlocks carry over across platforms when linked to the same account. This allows you to switch devices without starting over.
  • Cross-play – Players on different devices can play in the same multiplayer matches. Cross-play requires all versions of the game to connect to the same servers.
  • Cross-purchase – Buying the game on one platform provides access to download and play it on other linked platforms at no additional cost.
  • Cross-generation – Players on older and newer consoles in the same console family can play together, like PS4 and PS5.
  • Exclusive limitations – Some platforms do not allow full cross-play or limit connectivity. Console makers, like Sony and Microsoft, sometimes restrict cross-play capabilities.

Cross-Platform Gaming Setup

To take full advantage of cross-play features, you’ll need to make sure your gaming accounts are properly linked across the platforms you plan to use. Here are the steps to getting set up:

  • Link accounts – Most cross-progression requires linking accounts like Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Account, etc., to the game’s account system.
  • Connect online services – Games with cross-play require being logged into the correct online services on each platform, like PSN on PlayStation.
  • Enable cross-play – There is often a setting in-game to enable cross-play, which needs to be turned on. This allows matching with players on other systems.
  • Add friends on other platforms – To team up with friends who play on other devices, mutually add each other as cross-play friends in the game.
  • Download on all platforms – Of course, you’ll need to download and install the game on any platform you want to play it on. Be sure to use the same account.

Cross-Play Tips and Advantages

Here are some of the biggest benefits of cross-platform play and tips for making it work smoothly:

  • Play with more friends – Group up with real-life friends no matter what devices you each own.
  • Faster matchmaking – Cross-play combines the player base across platforms for faster online matchmaking.
  • Couch co-op online – Play couch co-op games like sports titles online against others by having each player on a different system.
  • Cross-save your progress – Stopping playing on one device lets you pick back up from the same save on another.
  • Voice chat across platforms – Chat with your squad using game voice chat even while playing from different systems.
  • Avoid buying twice – If you love a game, cross-progression means you only have to purchase it once.
  • Longer lifespan – Cross-play lets games stay active and makes finding matches easier even as sequels come out.

There are certain challenges to keep in mind with cross-platform play as well. PC players often have advantages in aiming and reaction time. Console players may need to turn off cross-play at high skill levels to avoid this disadvantage. Playing on a smaller mobile screen also makes competing against console and PC players more difficult. But for casual play, the benefits of a larger connected player base usually outweigh these concerns.

Top Cross-Platform Games

Many of the most popular multiplayer games today feature full cross-play functionality. Here are some top titles to enjoy cross-platform play:


The battle royale phenom is fully cross-play across PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile. Progress carries between all platforms, and voice chat works cross-platform as well.

Rocket League

This wildly fun soccer with cars game supports cross-platform play between Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can party up and compete across systems.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The latest Call of Duty allows cross-play between PS4, Xbox One, and PC players. Enable it to widen the player pool and play with friends on other systems.


Minecraft lets basically every platform play together, including Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, iOS and Android. Cross-progression is supported across devices when using Xbox Live.


The hit battle royale shooter PUBG has integrated cross-play support between consoles and PCs. Queue into the same 100-player matches with others on different systems.


This free-to-play co-op action RPG brings console and PC gamers together in the same hunts against epic beasts and monsters. Cross-progression makes switching platforms simple.

The cross-play environment is continuously evolving, with more titles adding support. Check if your favourite games include cross-play functionality, and try grouping up with friends on other devices.

Cross-Platform Partying Up and Chat

Playing with friends is way more fun. Here is how to group up across platforms:

  • In-game invites – Many games with cross-play have an invite system that lets you bring friends from other platforms into your squad.
  • The platform invites – On consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, you can invite cross-play friends from your platform’s party system.
  • External voice chat – Try chatting with your cross-play squad using a third-party voice app like Discord on your phone or PC.
  • In-game voice chat – Some titles will allow players to chat in-game with their friends list across platforms.

Take a look at your game’s social options to find out how to send cross-play invites. Joining up with friends on other devices works best in titles with full cross-platform invitation systems.

The Future of Cross-Play Gaming

Cross-platform play started gaining traction in the last several years and continues to move forward.

  • More cross-play adoption – Cross-play will become an expected standard feature as more developers add support.
  • Cross-progression focus – Seamless player progression and cosmetic unlocks across platforms will see expanded focus.
  • Multiplayer mobile integration – Mobile will get further integrated into console/PC multiplayer through cross-play.
  • Platform barriers loosening – Sony and Microsoft will continue moving toward allowing more cross-system multiplayer between each other.
  • Cloud gaming integration – Cloud-streamed games will heavily emphasize cross-play and make gaming across screens more unified.

Cross-platform play creates a more connected, socially driven multiplayer environment overall. Making use of cross-play features ensures you always have a robust player base to game with and more opportunities to play with real-life friends no matter what systems you own.

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