Gaming Podcasts to Follow in 2024
Gaming Podcasts to Follow in 2024
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Gaming Podcasts to Follow in 2024

The world of gaming has exploded in popularity in recent years. With new games, consoles, trends, and drama emerging all the time, it can be hard to keep up. Luckily, gaming podcasts allow you to stay on top of it all, even when you’re on the go. Here are some of the best gaming podcasts to subscribe to in 2024.

For General Gaming News and Discussion

The Giant Bombcast

The Giant Bombcast from Giant Bomb is one of the OG gaming podcasts, launched in 2008. It covers the weekly gaming news and releases, along with deeper dives into specific games, trends, and issues in the industry. The longtime hosts have great chemistry and provide insightful and humorous takes. The Bombcast is a great all-around gaming podcast to add to your weekly listen.

IGN’s Podcast Unlocked

IGN’s Podcast Unlocked offers a more structured and news-focused weekly look at the gaming world. The hosts summarize the biggest gaming news and releases of the week, interview developers and other industry figures, and highlight what they’ve been playing lately. It releases new episodes frequently and is a reliable source to keep up with major gaming news.

Quite Funny Games Daily

For daily gaming news recaps, check out Kinda Funny Games Daily. As the name suggests, new episodes drop every weekday to recap the gaming news and releases from the last 24 hours. It also incorporates mailbag questions, interviews, and other regular segments to add insight and fun to the news roundups.

For In-Depth Game Discussion

Triple Click from Idle Thumbs

Idle Thumbs’ Triple Click podcast takes a deeper dive into specific games, trends, and issues across the industry. The intellectual hosts have great rapport, pick compelling topics, and have thoughtful discussions about the artistic, cultural, and social sides of gaming. If you want smart, in-depth gaming analysis, Triple Click is a top choice.

Watch Out for Fireballs!

Watch Out for Fireballs! Brings together hosts with expertise in game design and criticism for critical discussions of individual games. Each episode focuses on a single game, providing an in-depth look at the design, themes, strengths, weaknesses, and importance of each title. If you want a podcast that really digs into game design and analysis, WOFF delivers.

For Competitive Gaming and Esports

The Ringer NBA Show

For esports fans, The Ringer NBA Show is a must for coverage of the NBA 2K League. The hosts are knowledgeable about the league, its players, teams, and trends. They recap results, interview players, and cover the league like mainstream sports. Between seasons, they also discuss other NBA video game topics.

GG Circuit Podcast

GG Circuit’s self-titled podcast is great for coverage of competitive Super Smash Bros. and other fighting games. They summarize recent tournaments, talk to top players, preview upcoming events, and debate power rankings. For those invested in the Smash and fighting game tournament scene, the GG Circuit Podcast is essential listening.

For Retro Gaming Nostalgia


Retronauts satisfy your retro gaming cravings with in-depth examinations of classic consoles, franchises, genres, and game development companies. The hosts have encyclopedic gaming knowledge and provide well-researched historical looks at retro gaming culture and specific game libraries. If you want to revisit classic games through a critical lens, Retronauts delivers.

New Game Plus

For a mix of retro gaming discussion and current games inspired by retro styles, check out New Game Plus. The hosts examine classic games and franchises while also highlighting great new indie games that embrace retro aesthetics and gameplay. You’ll get your nostalgia fix while also discovering new retro-styled gems.


The world of gaming podcasts has something for all interests, whether you want to hear the latest news, in-depth game critiques, esports coverage, or retro analysis. With new episodes dropping all the time from knowledgeable and passionate hosts, gaming podcasts are a great way to level up your knowledge and stay connected to the gaming community. Give these podcasts a listen to enhance your gaming hobby in 2024.

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