Geekzilla Podcast The Big Geeky Adventure
Geekzilla Podcast: The Big Geeky Adventure

Geekzilla Podcast: The Big Geeky Adventure

In the world of podcasting, few shows have managed to captivate geek audiences like Geekzilla Podcast. Since its inception in 2017, it has become a staple of geek culture, unveiling a rich odyssey through every corner of this dynamic community.

From technology and gaming to movies, TV, and comics, Geekzilla Podcast explores every facet of the geek universe through insightful commentary, interviews with industry icons, and thought-provoking discussions. Far more than just a source of entertainment, it has profoundly impacted popular culture and created an inclusive space for geeks from every background.

Geekzilla Podcast – its origins, diverse content, notable guests, cultural influence, resonance with fans, future direction, and why it has become the ultimate destination for anyone embracing their inner geek.

Overview of the Geekzilla Podcast

History and Background

Geekzilla Podcast was launched in 2017 by Travis Cook, a long-time podcaster and unabashed pop culture enthusiast. Having hosted shows like GonnaGeek and Secret Geek, Travis dreamt of creating a podcast that genuinely represented the diverse voices of the geek community.

The show was named as an homage to the term “geekzilla,” referring to the behemoth-like spread and influence of geek culture. It began as a platform to discuss geeky interests and to help give back to geek-related charities and creators.

Over the years, Geekzilla Podcast has evolved into a thriving hub for all things geeky – welcoming fans from every fandom, generation, background, and walk of life.

Hosts and Contributors

While Travis Cook heads the podcast as host and producer, Geekzilla thrives on the insights of its regular co-hosts and contributors:

  • Stephen Jondrew brings his passion to movies, gaming, and animation.
  • Mike Pfeiffer – Offers his expertise in comics and pop culture.
  • Nicole Wakelin – Provides commentary on gaming, books, and movies.
  • Carrie Jones – Adds her STEM smarts to discussions on science and tech.

Together, they offer well-rounded perspectives on every dimension of geek culture. The show also frequently features exceptional guest hosts and correspondents like Sam Adams and Allison Stern.

Episode Format and Release Schedule

Geekzilla Podcast releases new, full-length episodes every Friday, with most episodes running 60-90 minutes. Mini-episodes and interviews are also released periodically.

The typical episode format consists of:

  • Opening banter – The hosts catch up and chat about what’s on their minds.
  • Main topic discussions – Most of the episode focuses on crucial geek culture topics, current events, reviews, etc.
  • Guest interviews – Guests from across pop culture are welcome for interviews.
  • Audience participation – Listeners can tweet questions and get involved using the hashtag “#Geekzilla.”

This format creates an inviting atmosphere that resonates with listeners.

Diverse Topics Covered

One of Geekzilla’s hallmarks is its diversity of topics. Every corner of geekdom gets its time in the spotlight.


Gadget releases, tech news, apps, AI, virtual reality, and more – Geekzilla leaves no stone unturned in its technology coverage. The hosts provide grounded takes on the latest developments and their cultural impacts.


Video games get plenty of love on Geekzilla. Previews of highly-anticipated titles, in-depth reviews, esports coverage, developer interviews, and industry analysis take fans deep into gaming culture.

Movies and TV

From blockbuster superhero flicks to binge-worthy sci-fi shows, Geekzilla examines cinema and television through a geek lens. The hosts weigh in on new trailers, casting news, fan theories, and more.

Comics and Animation

The world of comics – indie titles or big publishers like Marvel and DC – has an avid fanbase within the Geekzilla community. Animated films and series are also discussed, from anime to Western animation.

STEM Topics

Geekzilla distinguishes itself by connecting geeky passions to science, technology, engineering, and math. Real-world issues like space exploration, medicine, and discoveries are explored through thoughtful STEM discussions.

Pop Culture and Fandoms

The podcast rounds out its coverage of all things geeky with deep dives into specific fandoms, pop culture icons, and geek community happenings. Everything from Star Wars to Dungeons & Dragons gets attention.

In all its diverse glory, Geekzilla represents the panorama of interests that unite geek culture.

Notable Guests and Interviews

Geekzilla’s impressive roster of guests provides insider perspectives from the most prominent names across Geekdoms.

Tech Industry Leaders

Tech pioneers like Vint Cerf, Tim O’Reilly, and John Carmack have stopped by to share their future visions. Industry analysts offer in-the-know commentary as well.

Renowned Creators and Artists

Legends behind iconic franchises have been featured, including Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (Dragonlance), Eric Flanagan (Fallout 76), and Jenji Kohan (Orange is the New Black). Authors, animators, and other creators also provide unique insights.

Scientists and Academics

Real-world experts add STEM smarts to the discussion. Guests have included astronomers like Emily Lakdawalla, paleontologists like Riley Black, and physicists like Dr. Jim Gates.

Prominent Actors and Directors

From stars of fan-favorite shows to acclaimed filmmakers, Geekzilla draws the biggest names in entertainment, such as Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), Leslye Headland (Russian Doll), and Joseph Mallozzi (Dark Matter).

The podcast’s memorable interviews create an engaging gateway into every sphere of geek culture.

Impact and Influence

Beyond the entertainment value, Geekzilla Podcast has had a substantive cultural influence:

Fostering Inclusive Geek Communities

Geekzilla fosters a more inclusive environment for geeks of all stripes by spotlighting diverse voices and perspectives. Marginalized groups finally feel represented in geek spaces.

Promoting Meaningful Representation

Discussions of representation in media help set higher standards for how marginalized groups are portrayed in geek storytelling. It’s driving real change.

Inspiring Interest in STEM

By spotlighting real-world science and technology, Geekzilla makes STEM fields more accessible and inspiring to its audience.

Driving Pop Culture Conversations

Geekzilla helps shape conversations, trends, and opinions around significant pop culture franchises and events.

Supporting Geek Causes and Creators

The podcast provides a platform for lesser-known creators and highlights charity initiatives that give back to the geek community.

Above all, Geekzilla Podcast promotes positive values like inclusion, curiosity, and creativity to help build a brighter geek culture.

Why It Resonates with Fans

Several ingredients come together to make Geekzilla Podcast a treasured staple for geeky fans worldwide:

Passionate and Knowledgeable Hosts

The hosts’ genuine passion, rapport, insight, and humor create an infectious energy that makes listeners feel part of the conversation.

Thoughtful and Insightful Discussions

In-depth, substantive discussions go beyond surface commentary to deliver meaningful perspectives.

Celebration of Geek Culture

Rather than gatekeeping, Geekzilla warmly celebrates the things that bring geekdom together.

Focus on Positive Values

By focusing on inclusion, knowledge, and creativity over division, Geekzilla spreads light over darkness.

Engaging and Entertaining Format

With lively banter, thoughtful commentary, and great guests – it seamlessly balances fun with insight.

For fans, Geekzilla is more than a podcast – it’s a community built on the best of geek culture.

The Future of the Podcast

While Geekzilla Podcast already enjoys great success, its future looks bright in many ways:

Potential Growth and Evolution

With geek culture only expanding, the potential audience and avenues for growth are plentiful – be it branching into new formats, platforms, or show iterations.

Continuing Relevance in Shifting Landscape

Geekzilla is poised to evolve as geek culture evolves organically, ensuring it provides timely discussions and insights fans seek.

Expanding Guest and Topics Lists

New voices and perspectives from science, tech, and entertainment will keep content and interviews fresh.

Building an Even Stronger Community

With its inclusive ethos and drive to connect geeks worldwide, the podcast can galvanize an even greater community.

Geekzilla Podcast has all the ingredients for continued success – the sky’s the limit!


For half a decade and counting, Geekzilla Podcast has brought geek culture to vivid life through insightful commentary, compelling interviews, and celebrations of all things geeky. It has shined an inclusive spotlight that captures the entire mosaic of this thriving community.

More than just a source of entertainment, Geekzilla has become a cultural phenomenon that inspires, informs, and gives back at every turn. Led by hosts who live and breathe this culture, it has ignited a particular passion in fans across generations, interests, and backgrounds.

As geek culture evolves in our ever-more high-tech world, this podcast promises to be the trusted spaceship guiding explorers through every new frontier. With its infectious spirit and positive impact, Geekzilla Podcast has undoubtedly unleashed the ultimate geek odyssey.

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