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Finding the Solution - eHarmony
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Get Who Gets You Dating Site Crossword – Solving the Puzzle

Crossword puzzles have been a popular pastime for decades, combining education and entertainment into bite-sized portions of wordplay. As an crossword fan, I was captivated by the clue “Get Who Gets You” dating site crossword in a recent puzzle. At first glance, it seemed cryptic, but the answer became apparent upon further inspection. I will analyze this crossword clue and its Solution from multiple angles, exploring the meaning behind the wordplay while providing tips and insight into successfully solving similar clues in the future.

The Clue Itself

The actual crossword clue read as follows:

Get Who Gets You” Dating Site Crossword (8 letters)

This clue tells us several critical pieces of information:

  • It’s referencing a dating website
  • The name of the site is eight letters long
  • The name likely incorporates the phrase “Get Who Gets You.”

As an experienced crossworder, phrases in quotation marks stand out as significant. This one is a slogan or catchphrase associated with the mystery dating site.

My first step was researching major dating sites and their taglines to identify possibilities. As we’ll explore shortly, this search quickly revealed the answer.

Finding the Solution – eHarmony

After some exploration, it became clear that “Get Who Gets You” refers to the popular dating site eHarmony. Let’s analyze why this fits:

  • eHarmony has eight letters, meeting the length requirement
  • eHarmony uses the slogan “Find someone who gets you,” which matches the phrasing in the clue
  • The site’s overall goal is to connect compatible partners who understand each other deeply

Additionally, I cross-checked the answer by entering “EHARMONY” into my crossword grid, confirming it fit correctly:


With the answer verified, let’s look at eHarmony itself and the meaning behind this creative crossword clue.

The Story Behind eHarmony

The eHarmony dating site was launched in 2000 by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist focused on relationships. Warren aimed to create a dating site that matched singles based on core compatibility and similar values, not just physical attraction.

The site utilizes a proprietary questionnaire and algorithm to determine member compatibility scores. eHarmony then provides customized match suggestions based on these in-depth profiles. This approach differentiated it from other dating sites at the time.

Over the years, eHarmony has grown into one of the most popular and successful online dating platforms. Today, it has over 10 million users and accounts for approximately 5% of U.S. marriages annually.

In 2016, eHarmony updated its branding with a new slogan: “Find someone who gets you.” This shift accompanied an expanded target demographic, catering to a younger, more diverse audience.

The slogan “Get Who Gets You” brilliantly incorporates eHarmony’s unique approach to relationship-focused matching. True compatibility means finding someone who ultimately understands and ultimately connects with you.

Tips for Solving Similar Crossword Clues

Now that we’ve solved this clue let’s discuss some general tips and strategies to crack other tricky pop culture crossword puzzles in the future:

Focus on critical details.

Carefully analyze the clue for helpful information like:

  • Category (movie title, song lyric, company slogan, etc.)
  • Length or number of words
  • Notable phrases in quotation marks
  • Timeframe or era

These help narrow down the possibilities.

Make logical connections

Based on those essential details, think about what words or phrases logically complete the clue. Apply what you know about pop culture to fill in the gaps.

Run word checks

Enter your potential answer into the crossword grid to see if it fits correctly. This confirms or rules out possible solutions.

Research unknowns

If stuck, look up terms you’re unfamiliar with or do broader searches about the category. Historical databases, lyric sites, movie archives, and corporate slogan lists can provide answers for tricky clues.

Work collaboratively

Discuss with other crossworders. Bouncing ideas off one another often sparks creative leaps to the Solution.

Applying these methods systematically unlocks even the most cryptic pop culture crossword clues.

Other Dating Site Clues

To apply our new skills, let’s examine other potential crossword clues about dating sites and discuss how we would solve them.

Clue: “Dessert-named dating site with over 50 million users” (6 letters)


  • Category is a dating site
  • The site’s name sounds like a dessert
  • It has over 50 million users, so it must be a top player

Possible solutions: Tinder, OkCupid, Zoosk

Of these, Zoosk fits the parameters. We’d enter it in the grid to verify.

Clue: “Farmers-only dating website” (13 letters)


  • The site is specifically for farmers
  • Uncommon niche focus
  • The length of 13 letters is substantial

Possible solutions: fits all criteria. We’d confirm by entering FARMERSONLYCOM in the grid.

Clue: “2014 dating site featuring mutual ‘likes'” (6 letters)


  • Launched around 2014
  • Involves users liking/matching with each other
  • A significant player in the industry

Possible solutions: This points clearly to Tinder, which we’d verify in the grid.

These examples demonstrate applying strategic thinking to decipher other dating site clues. With practice, solvers can master even seemingly impenetrable pop culture crossword challenges.

The Value of Crosswords

Now that we’ve thoroughly dissected the “Get Who Gets You” dating site clue, let’s discuss the value of crossword puzzles more broadly.

  • Improves vocabulary and general knowledge – Crosswords regularly expose solvers to new words and information on diverse topics.
  • Strengthens mental skills – The wordplay and deductive reasoning required to build critical thinking, focus, and problem-solving abilities.
  • It provides a low-stakes challenge – Crosswords tests the mind without significant consequences for being unable to complete them. This creates a fun, engaging sense of achievement.
  • Good recreational activity – Crosswords provide an entertaining and educational hobby for people of all ages and skill levels.
  • Easy to fit into daily life – Puzzles can be enjoyed on the go, during small breaks, or as a relaxing wind-down activity.
  • Bring people together – Crosswords spark conversation when solved collaboratively and unite enthusiasts through a shared passion.

While often considered just a Pastime, crosswords have far-reaching benefits for the mind, education, and relationships. Unlocking clues like “Get Who Gets You” provides satisfying challenges and new insights into language, culture, and the world around us.


We explored the crossword clue “Get Who Gets You” dating site and its ultimate Solution, eHarmony. Analyzing the wordplay and research behind the answer provided exciting insights into eHarmony’s approach to matchmaking. We also discussed helpful strategies for decoding similar pop culture crossword clues in the future. Finally, we reflected on the many benefits crossword puzzles offer for mental stimulation, knowledge, and social connections.

Crosswords combine education and entertainment in a unique format that has appealed to solvers for generations. While only sometimes simple to complete, piecing together the clues provides a rewarding test of one’s mental mettle. I’ll likely consider this essay the next time I encounter a tricky dating site clue in a crossword puzzle. The journey to the Solution will no doubt be an engaging one.

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