Treasure Island Animal Crossing A Complete Guide
Treasure Island Animal Crossing: A Complete Guide
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Treasure Island Animal Crossing: A Complete Guide

Treasure Island Animal Crossing is a term used to describe player-made islands filled with rare and valuable items, such as seasonal items, DIYs, bells, Nook Miles Tickets, and more. These islands are designed specifically to provide visitors with unlimited access to in-game items that are not easily obtainable through regular gameplay.

The concept originated when players realized they could use in-game tools like the Island Designer app to create their customized islands. Clever players transformed their islands into virtual treasure troves, packed to the brim with high-value materials, items, and resources.

The main draw of Treasure Island Animal Crossing is the ability to quickly amass inventory and catalog items that you would normally have to grind for. This includes zodiac furniture sets, Celeste DIYs, seasonal materials, Saharah floors and wallpapers, Gulliver/var items, Redd artwork, crafted items, villagers, etc. You can find almost anything on Treasure Islands if you find the right host!

Of course, there are also downsides. Some players argue that Treasure Islands promotes cheating and time traveling. It also reduces the sense of reward from slowly collecting items over time. And visiting Treasure Islands too often can lead to spoiling the game experience.

Still, it’s an attractive opportunity for many players to fast-track their island development and access the dream items they crave. Popular Treasure Island hosts like Essie_AC, LunaCrossing, and Acnh_land have thousands of followers across platforms like Twitch and Instagram. Their islands are neatly organized paradises with every item imaginable!

Benefits of Visiting Treasure Island Animal Crossing

  • Obtain rare and valuable items instantly.
  • Catalog exhaustive furniture sets and color variants
  • Learn recipes for hot items like crowns and gold tools.
  • Acquire crafting materials like wood, clay, and gold in bulk.
  • Purchase unlimited copies of items like NMTs and bells.
  • Meet special NPC visitors like Saharah, Leif, and Redd.
  • Purchase catalog-exclusive items like Nook Inc. posters.
  • Get photos of popular villagers like Raymond and Judy.

Drawbacks of Visiting Treasure Island Animal Crossing

  • Reduces motivation to play the game normally
  • Promotes time traveling, cheating, and hacking
  • Ruins the sense of achievement from collecting items slowly over time
  • Causes inventory bloat and item overload
  • Possible lack of gameplay purpose after amassing everything
  • Risk being banned for manipulating game data.

How to Access Treasure Island Animal Crossing

To visit Treasure Island Animal Crossing, you need to connect online with a host who has set one up. Here are the main ways to find an island and host to visit:

  • Reddit – Subreddits like r/ACCatalogParties frequently post Treasure Island opportunities. Read the requirements carefully and follow the posting format.
  • Discord – Join Discord servers and channels dedicated to Dodo Code sharing. React to Treasure Island notifications for a code.
  • Twitch – Follow ACNH Treasure Island live streamers and wait for them to allow viewers to visit.
  • Instagram – Treasure Island hosts promote openings on their Instagram accounts and Stories.
  • Facebook Groups – Join groups like “Animal Crossing New Horizons Treasure Island” to find verified hosts.
  • Influencers – Check YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok for creator codes. Beware of scams.
  • Websites – Sites like have Treasure Island request boards. Create an account and make a posting.

Once you find a reputable host, follow any instructions they provide to join their queue or access their Dodo Code. Most will require some combination of subscription, fee, tip, or review to visit their island.

Be polite in your requests, and don’t beg or harass hosts. Remember, they are providing a free service! Follow all posted rules and leave a positive review if you have a good experience. This will help the community stay helpful and safe for everyone.

Tips to Find the Best Treasure Island Hosts

  • Search popular hashtags like #acnhTreasureIsland on social media
  • Look for hosts with a long history of positive reviews
  • Avoid brand-new accounts with no reputation or minimal followers/subscribers
  • Beware of hacked or modded islands that can corrupt your saved data
  • Check if the host has a waiting list or queue before requesting to visit
  • Join Discord servers dedicated to Treasure Island sharing

What Can You Find on Treasure Island Animal Crossing?

The possibilities are endless! Well-designed Treasure Islands grant you unlimited access to the catalog or take home almost any item in the game.


  • All furniture sets and color variants
  • All Cyrsus seasonal and zodiac DIY sets
  • All Nook Stop Variation items
  • All Nook Miles furniture and redeemable
  • All crafted and customizable furniture
  • All Saharah carpets and wallpapers
  • All umbrellas, tools, socks, bags
  • All Labelle clothing and Gracie Grace furniture
  • All villager posters
  • All songs and K.K. Slider album covers
  • All fossils, bugs, fish ready to catch


  • All crafting materials (wood, clay, iron, stone, gold, etc)
  • All seasonal crafting materials (pine cones, ornaments, cherry blossom petals, etc.)
  • Gold nuggets and rusted parts
  • Star fragments, zodiac fragments, large star fragments
  • Pearls, sand dollars, clay, stone, iron
  • Tailor tickets, Nook Miles Tickets


  • Endless Bells available to take
  • Crown items worth 1 million+ Bells each


  • Chance to invite rare/popular villagers like Raymond, Marshal, Audie,
  • Adopt already-gifted villagers
  • Get villager photos and posters

Plus, you can shop endlessly, learn DIYs from villagers, collect models from C.J./Flick, and anything else you can imagine!

How to Make the Most of Your Treasure Island Visit

Follow these tips to maximize your inventory space and take home as much as possible from your visit:

  • Empty your pockets – Leave behind tools, materials, etc you don’t need
  • Raid the drop-off box – Store extra items so you can keep collecting
  • Wear a wetsuit – You can carry 40 items with a full wetsuit
  • Catalog big sets first – Then reorder them later on your island
  • Learn DIYs on the spot – DIY cards don’t take inventory space
  • Fill your pockets last – Take stackable items like wood and iron
  • Leave through the airport – Don’t risk losing your haul by quietly leaving
  • Review the host – Leave a nice note if you had a good experience!
  • Tip generously – Bells, NMTs, or rare materials are appreciated
  • Be patient – Hosting is demanding, so be polite and respectful!

How to Host Your Own Treasure Island

Want to create your own Treasure Island for others to visit? Here are some tips:


  • Choose a spare character to be Treasure Island rep
  • Enable Island Backup on Nintendo Switch Online in case of issues
  • Use Island Designer to modify terrain and build access ramps
  • Place items and materials carefully around the island

Rules and Requirements

  • Decide if you will charge a fee or subscription for access
  • Create a code of conduct for visitors to follow
  • Use fences to limit access to certain areas
  • Set times for visits so you can safely end sessions


  • Name and brand your island for easy marketing
  • Create accounts on platforms like Twitch, Discord, Instagram
  • Use hashtags and post teasers to build excitement
  • Develop a queue system on Turnip Exchange or similar sites


  • Continuously replace taken items and materials
  • Terraform and update layouts to keep things fresh
  • Take breaks between sessions to avoid burnout
  • Block troublesome users and report issues promptly

The rewards of running your own Treasure Island can be great, but so is the risk and responsibility. Make sure to protect yourself from bad actors. But most importantly, have fun with it!

How to Promote Your Treasure Island

There are endless ways to get the word out about your amazing Treasure Island! Here are some effective promotion strategies:

  • Create an Instagram account showcasing your island layouts and offerings
  • Post a review thread on Reddit to build social proof
  • Offer giveaways like rare DIYs to attract followers
  • Stream island tours on Twitch to engage viewers
  • Collaborate with other popular Treasure Island hosts
  • Participate in hashtags like #TreasureIslandACNH and #ACNHDreamIsland
  • Run ads targeted at ACNH players on Facebook

How to Monetize Your Treasure Island

There are a few options to earn rewards for your time and effort in hosting a Treasure Island:

Entry Fees

  • Charge a flat bells fee per entry, usually 99k-500k bells
  • Price it reasonably – don’t get greedy, or you’ll lose visitors
  • Require fee upfront before sending Dodo Code
  • Use sites like Turnip Exchange to collect fees


  • Request tips on materials like gold, NMTs, and star fragments
  • Provide wishlists of items you want
  • Set up tip guidelines on your island


  • Offer weekly, monthly, or annual subscription plans
  • Provide exclusive perks for subscribers, like special items or DIYs
  • Use Patreon or OnlyFans to manage recurring payments


  • Sell custom designs like t-shirts of your island logo and brand
  • Partner with third-party merch companies like Teespring
  • Limited edition collectibles and stickers are great, too

Getting creative with monetization allows you to keep your island running with less personal effort. Just be transparent about fees and deliver an amazing experience!

How to Protect Your Treasure Island

Running a Treasure Island puts your save file at risk, so you need to take precautions:

  • Set up two-factor authentication on your Nintendo account
  • Make regular cloud backups of your island
  • Restrict online access via Best Friends features only
  • Turn off the “-” exit shortcut so people can’t quietly leave
  • Surround valuable items behind fences and barriers
  • Report any suspicious visitors to the appropriate platforms
  • Learn to identify hacked and illegitimate items that can corrupt your game
  • Take breaks between hosting to reset your island if needed
  • Avoid sharing Dodo Code publicly – vet visitors first
  • Ban any bad actors promptly

Unfortunately, there are dishonest players out there. But being vigilant will keep your island safe and running smoothly.

How to Update Your Treasure Island

To keep visitors coming back, you need to refresh your island offerings:

  • Track in-game updates and events to get new items faster
  • Close periodically to terraform and redecorate sections
  • Cycle out common items and replace them with new wares
  • Add themed areas like houseware catalogs, crafting markets, etc
  • Ask regular visitors what items they want added
  • Collaborate with other hosts to exchange items
  • Rearrange Feng shui for luck
  • Change Dodo Code periodically to reset the queue
  • Host giveaways and contests to create buzz

Keeping things fresh makes repeat visitors more likely. Even minor changes help keep the excitement alive!

How to Enjoy Your Treasure Island

Treasure Island Animal Crossing is supposed to be fun! Here are some ways to enjoy the experience:

  • Make new friends with regular visitors and fellow hosts
  • Show off your creativity with fun island themes and designs
  • Find satisfaction in helping others progress their islands
  • Enjoy the popularity and reputation you earn
  • Stream your island so others can experience it live
  • Be proud of the community you built
  • Appreciate the kudos you receive in comments, reactions, and reviews
  • Participate in the wider Treasure Island community on social platforms
  • Bond with visitors through your shared love of the game

Common Rules and Etiquette for Visiting Treasure Islands

When you visit a Treasure Island, it’s important to follow the host’s rules and be on your best behavior. Here are some common guidelines hosts expect visitors to follow:

  • Arrive with empty pockets – Leave tools and excess materials behind
  • Do not quietly leave or disconnect – Only use the airport to leave
  • No wetsuits allowed – Restricts you to designated pick-up areas
  • No running – Walk carefully to avoid damaging flowers
  • Do not pick fruit or flowers – Ask first if you need any
  • Do not shop at Nooks or Ables unless told you can
  • Follow any path rules or stay within fenced areas
  • Only catalog sections are clearly marked – Don’t take items without asking
  • Leave items in their designated areas – Don’t drop things randomly
  • Be patient if the island is full – Wait your turn nicely
  • Follow directions from the host – They make the rules
  • Leave payment (fee, NMTs, etc) in the specified spot
  • Express gratitude – A sincere thank you goes a long way!

Treasure Island hosts work very hard to create an amazing experience. Respecting their rules shows your appreciation.

Tips for Maximizing Inventory Space on Treasure Island Visits

With some smart preparation, you can carry way more items home with you from Treasure Island trips:

  • Empty your pockets before flying over
  • Wear a wet suit – you can store 40 items this way
  • Fill your wallet with 99k bells – that’s an extra slot
  • Use the drop-off box to make item deposits as you go
  • Prioritize small items first, like materials and songs
  • Catalog big furniture sets instead of taking them
  • Learn DIYs on the island so cards don’t take pocket space
  • Take stackable materials last to max out the remaining slots
  • Mail items to yourself to pick up on your island later

With practice, you can easily haul home over 150-200 items per Treasure Island visit. Get creative with these storage tricks!

Requirements for Hosting Your Own Treasure Island

Running a smooth Treasure Island requires preparation and effort. Here are some key requirements:

  • A Nintendo Switch Online membership to allow online visitors
  • A secondary island representative character to manage the Treasure Island
  • Use of Island Designer app to terraform terrain modifications
  • Plentiful open land space across your island
  • Ample time to set up infrastructure like fences and furniture zones
  • Regular playtime to maintain the island and replace taken items
  • Reliable high-speed internet to prevent connection issues
  • Turnip Exchange, Discord, or similar tools to manage visitors
  • Policies and rules posted clearly around your island
  • Patience and enthusiasm to host guests!

It’s a big commitment, but it pays off when you provide a great experience for others in the ACNH community.

Funding Your Treasure Island Endeavors

All those rare items and giveaways cost bells! Here are some tips for funding your Treasure Island:

  • Grow and sell hot turnip prices each week
  • Craft and sell hot seasonal items for profit
  • Farm valuable fish like tuna to earn big bells
  • Prioritize money tree glowing spots daily
  • Trade duplicate furniture to Treasure Island hosts for big-value items
  • Check Nook’s Cranny daily for expensive turnip prices
  • Sell extra DIYs to other players
  • Run your cataloging events, charging entry fees
  • Require set bell or NMT donations for entry to your island
  • Limit bell giveaways to control expenses

With smart play, you can easily make millions of bells every week!

Security Measures for Protecting Your Island

You want to avoid disaster when opening your island. Some wise precautions:

  • Require vetting questions to screen visitors allowed
  • Turn off the ‘-‘ button to prevent unsupervised departures
  • Use fencing to restrict access to key areas
  • Disable wetsuits so people stay in designated zones
  • Mark pathways and boundaries clearly with patterns
  • Report and block any bad actors immediately
  • Set Visitor Guidelines posted around your island
  • End sessions promptly to reset your island
  • Require donations be left in specified areas only

Staying secure lets you relax and have fun while hosting!

I hope this additional Treasure Island Animal Crossing guide content helps provide more useful tips and advice! Let me know if you need any other sections expanded.

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