Adeles V Matrix Complete Guide
Adele's V Matrix: Complete Guide 
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Adele V Matrix: Complete Guide 

Adele V Matrix is an advanced yet highly effective method that allows Adele players to maximize their damage output and bossing capabilities in MapleStory. Properly optimizing the V Matrix setup can help Adele’s characters reach their full potential. In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at how to master the Adele V Matrix.

What is the Adele V Matrix?

The V Matrix is MapleStory’s version of a skill tree system that allows players to enhance their skills and abilities. The Adele V Matrix specifically refers to the optimal V Matrix setup for the Adele class.

It consists of:

  • Selecting the right boost nodes to improve Adele’s skills
  • Perfectly trying to boost nodes to maximize damage
  • Picking the best special nodes to increase bossing ability
  • Optimizing node setups for specific purposes like mobbing or bossing

By carefully selecting the correct nodes and trioing them most efficiently, Adeles can bring out the class’ full potential.

A Brief History of the Adele V Matrix

When Adele was first released in MapleStory, players experimented with different V Matrix setups to determine the optimal build. The original Adele V Matrix guide focused on:

  • Maximizing damage for hunting decree through trios
  • Lowering cooldowns for skills like Aether Forge
  • Balancing mobbing and bossing abilities

Over time, as players mastered Adele’s skills and mechanics, the class V Matrix was refined into the optimized setup we have today. Key priorities like boosting critical rate, damage, and bossing ability became core tenets of the guide.

Through vigorous testing and theory-crafting by expert Adele players, the intricacies of the class’ V Matrix were unlocked, paving the way for the comprehensive guide we have today.

The Original Adele V Matrix Guide

Let’s take a closer look at the original Adele V Matrix guide and its core focuses:

Main Priorities of the First Guide

The original guide revolved around two key priorities for the V Matrix:

  • Lowering Cooldowns: Reducing the cooldowns of key skills like Aether Forge was considered critical. With a lower cooldown, Adele could activate this high-damage skill much more frequently.
  • Maximizing Hunting Decree: Boosting Hunting Decree was a top priority as it was Adele’s premier mobbing and bossing skill. Training Hunting Decree nodes could substantially boost the damage.

Importance of Cooldown Reduction

Due to long base cooldowns, lowering the cooldown was hugely beneficial for several of Adele’s abilities. For example:

  • Aether Forge: This skill did extremely high damage but had a lengthy 60-second cooldown initially. Reducing this cooldown via V Matrix allowed Adele to increase DPS greatly.
  • Levitation: With cooldown reduction, Levitation could be used more liberally for mobility and dodging enemy attacks in boss fights.
  • Resonance: Quicker cycles of Damage Absorption and Release meant more DPS output.

So, in the early days, cooldown reduction was a major focus when selecting nodes to maximize Adele’s damage and mobility.

Choosing the Right Nodes for Adele’s V Matrix

When it comes to prioritizing which nodes to invest in for the Adele V Matrix, you need to be strategic based on your goals. Let’s look at some key node choice considerations.

Focus on Boost Nodes

As a beginner, Adele focuses first on boosting the following skills through Boost Nodes:

  • Aether Forge – Since this skill does massive damage, boosting it is critical. An Aether Forge trio boosts damage significantly.
  • Hunting Decree – Boosting this high-mobility multi-target attack should be a priority. It provides excellent mobbing and bossing capabilities.
  • Cleave – Trios boosting Cleave, Adele’s lightning-fast rush attack, are hugely beneficial for quickly clearing mobs.

Importance of 5th Job Skills

Once you unlock Adele’s 5th job, these powerful new abilities should take priority when picking nodes:

  • Wonderous Enigma – As Adele’s strongest single-target attack, boosting this via nodes is a must. Lowering its cooldown also allows you to use it more frequently.
  • Paralyze – This skill instantly binds bosses, which is invaluable during boss fights. Reducing its cooldown lets you lock down bosses more often.
  • Eternal Ether – Boosting Eternal Ether increases your max MP as well as MP recovery rate, enhancing Adele’s sustainability.

Value of Special Nodes

Special nodes like Holy Symbol and Sharp Eyes are also crucial since they directly increase damage and critical rate. Make sure to invest enough node slots into boosting these skills.

Optimizing Node Setups for Different Goals

Based on whether you want to focus on mobbing, bossing or a balance, you will need to optimize your node setups accordingly.

Bossing Setup

If bossing is your priority, focus on nodes that increase single target DPS and survivability, like:

  • Wonderous Enigma: This skill is a must for quickly bursting down bosses. Reduce its cooldown via nodes.
  • Aether Forge and Resonance: Key bossing skills that should be maximized through trios.
  • Sharp Eyes and Holy Symbol: These provide a big boost to critical rate and damage vs bosses.
  • Eternal Ether: Boosting this enhances MP recovery, which is vital for sustaining during long boss fights.

Mobbing Setup

For fast map clearing and training, you’ll want nodes that improve AOE attacks and mobility:

  • Hunting Decree: This wide-angle multi-target skill is fantastic for mobbing. Maximize it through trios.
  • Cleave: Boosted through nodes, Cleave can one-shot mobs across platforms.
  • Jaunt: Reduce its cooldown so you can teleport rapidly across the map to clear out monsters.
  • Levitation: Quicker cooldown lets you stay airborne more often to evade attacks while mobbing.

Balanced Setup

You can also adopt a balanced approach using the key nodes for both bossing and mobbing, like:

  • Aether Forge, Hunting Decree and Cleave trios
  • Holy Symbol and Sharp Eyes
  • Jaunt for mobility
  • Wonderous Enigma for heavy single-target damage

This allows you to boss and mob efficiently while maximizing your core skills.

Additional Nodes For Sustainability

Sustainability is hugely important for Adele when bossing or mobbing for long periods. Some key nodes that help with this are:

Recovery Nodes

  • Eternal Ether – Restores a portion of Max MP every few seconds. This keeps your MP topped up.
  • Spirit Link – Has a healing effect that activates every 20 seconds to recover HP. Great for sustaining during mobbing.

Resistance Nodes

  • Elemental and Abnormal Status Resistance – Boosts resistance against elements and status effects. Useful for handling boss debuffs.
  • Damage Absorption – This can be boosted to absorb even more damage via nodes before releasing the stored energy.

Optimizing Adele’s Legion Effect

Adele provides a very beneficial Legion effect which boosts Strength. Here is how to optimize it:

RankStrength Increase

As shown in the table above, at Rank SSS, Adele confers a +100 Strength boost to characters in your Legion. This is a very sizable attack increase, making it well worth investing in Adele to reach Rank SSS.

Prioritize levelling Adele to 140 and beyond to start accruing these Strength benefits for your Legion. Make unlocking and upgrading Adele’s Legion ranks a priority early on.

Best Inner Abilities for Adele

Picking the right Inner Abilities can give a nice boost to Adele’s damage and survivability. Here are the best options:

Pure STR Increase

Boosting Adele’s primary state of Strength is highly recommended. Aim for:

  • +20 STR minimum
  • +30 STR or higher ideal

This will directly increase Adele’s attack and skill damage.

Critical Rate Increase

Since Adele relies heavily on critical hits to maximize damage, boosting the critical rate is very effective. Try to obtain:

  • +8% Critical Rate or higher

This will allow you to land more critical hits.

Adele Skill Build Guide

To maximize Adele’s potential, you need to optimize your skill build across all jobs. Here are some recommendations:

First Job Skill Build

For 1st job, max the key skills as follows:

  1. Blade of Will – MAX
  2. Magic Dispatch – MAX
  3. Jaunt – MAX

Place 1 point each in Blade of Will, Magic Dispatch and Jaunt initially. Then focus on maxing Jaunt first for mobility before maxing Blade of Will and Magic Dispatch.

Second Job Skill Build

In 2nd job, allocate points to boost the following:

  1. Perfection – MAX
  2. Ruin Force – MAX
  3. Ruination – MAX
  4. Strive – MAX

Make sure to grab the Bladecaster Expertise prerequisite first. Then max Perfection, Ruin Force and Ruination, as they are your core mobbing skills. Finish off with Strive.

Hyper Skills

Once you achieve 4th job, allocate hyper skill points to:

  1. Hyper Bladecaster Expertise – MAX
  2. Hyper Perfection – MAX
  3. Hyper Ruination – MAX
  4. Hyper Strive – MAX

These will further boost your main mobbing and bossing skills to get the most out of your hyper-skill points.

Adele’s Mobbing Capabilities

Adele boasts some extremely powerful mobbing skills. Here’s what makes the class so effective at map clearing:

Cleave Skill

This rush attack hits a wide area in front of Adele, devastating mobs in its path. Key features:

  • Hits enemies across multiple platforms with its large vertical hitbox
  • Very low cooldown, allowing frequent use
  • Can one-shot monsters when damage-boosted

Flying Swords

Adele summons flying magical swords that continuously attack nearby enemies.

  • Provide passive damage over a set duration
  • Lets you focus on dodging and moving while the swords kill mobs
  • Great for mobbing maps with platforms as the swords target across platforms

High Mobility

Skills like Jaunt and Levitation allow Adele to teleport and float across the map rapidly.

  • Weave in and out of mobs quickly to clear them out
  • Makes light work of jump quests and vertical maps
  • Teleport past obstacles and barriers freely

This combination of wide AoE attacks, flying swords, and high mobility makes Adele one of the fastest mobbers in MapleStory.

Adele’s Bossing Capabilities

Adele also excels at bossing thanks to specialized mechanics and skills tailored for boss fights.

Recovery Skills

  • Spirit Link heals a percentage of Max HP every 20 seconds
  • Eternal Ether regenerates a portion of Max MP every few seconds
  • Keep you alive and restore resources during lengthy boss battles

Burst Damage

  • Resonance absorbs and stacks damage, then unleashes it as a devastating attack
  • Wonderous Enigma hits like a truck in a large AoE
  • Strike bosses when they are vulnerable to quickly depleting health bars

Adele’s Legion Effect

Adele’s Legion offers a hefty Strength boost which directly increases your damage against bosses.

  • +100 Strength at Rank SSS
  • Every Legion rank ups your bossing capability

With sustain, high burst damage and the Legion Strength buff, Adele can tackle any boss.

Levelling and Training Guide

Need help leveling up your Adele and training efficiently? Here are some useful tips:

Early Leveling

  • Level 10-30: Do the starting questlines in Maple Island and Victoria Island
  • Level 30-50: Grind on mixed golems, red drakes and other mobs in Perion
  • Always do your job advancements at Levels 30, 60, 100 etc.

Pre-200 Training

  • Level 50-80: Move to Dried Leaf Golems in Leafre once you have Ruin Force
  • Level 80-140: Train at Deserted Southern Ridge/Cavern Lower Path
  • Level 140-200: Head over to Future Perion and grind at Knight District 4

Post 200 Training

  • 200-230: Cernium West Road: Firebrand Road 1
  • 230-250: Cernium West Road: Firebrand Road 2
  • 250-275: Morass Deepest Part 3

Focus on completing story quests, participating in events and running bosses like Zakum for extra EXP.

Gearing Up Your Adele

To unleash Adele’s full fighting potential, you need powerful end-game gear:


  • Level 100: Japanese Katana
  • Level 120: Fafnir Katana
  • Level 150: Absolabs Katana
  • Level 200: Arcane Umbra Katana


  • Level 100: Full Pensalir Set
  • Level 150: Full CRA Set
  • Level 200: Arcane Umbra Armor


  • Rings: Synergy Ring, Meister Ring, Reinf/Sup Gollux Rings
  • Pendants: Crystal Ventus, Dominator
  • Badges: Royal Balrog, Chaos Horntail, Dark World Force
  • Medals: Timberwolf, Shins oo’s Teardrop

Make sure to star force and potential your end-game gear to maximize your stats.

Mastering Adele’s Combos

Execute Adele’s combos flawlessly to output peak DPS. Some key combos are:

  • Cleave into Resonance: Unleash Cleave, then quickly combo into Resonance to absorb the damage.
  • Hunting Decree into Wonderous Enigma: Use Hunting Decree, then immediately follow up with Wonderous Enigma while the mark detonates.
  • Magical Finesse into Cleave: Cast Magical Finesse to group mobs together, then obliterate them using Cleave.
  • Aether Forge into Resonance: Cast AF then Resonance so the explosions get absorbed for bonus damage.

Practice chaining Adele’s abilities together smoothly for maximum damage during both mobbing and bossing.

Funding Your Adele

Here are some tips to fund your Adele’s progression:

  • Do Ursus and Maple Tour daily – These provide guaranteed mesos over time.
  • Create mules – Level mules to 120+ and do daily bosses for extra income.
  • Sell unused equipment – Any tradable equipment can be sold for mesos in the AH.
  • Participate in events – Events often give out rewards like Nodestones, Arcane Symbols and mesos.
  • Run Lucid/Will – These provide good end-game gear to sell for high prices.
  • Merchant – Buy potions, materials, scrolls, etc., in bulk and sell at higher prices.

With smart funding strategies, you can generate steady income to gear up your Adele over time.

Joining The Right Guild

Joining an active, high-level guild provides many benefits for your Adele:

  • Daily GP Cap: Earn extra GP for purchasing potions/buff freezers from the guild shop.
  • Level 2-3 Guild Skills: Guild skills like increased EXP and drop rate will accelerate your progression.
  • Party Quests: Guildies to run PQs like Romeo and Juliet for leveling.
  • Boss Carry: Once you hit Lomien, get struggled through Lucid/Will to get end-game gear.
  • Guidance: Get advice from veteran players on optimizing your main.

Try to join a guild that is active during your regular playtimes. One that does schedule bossing runs and events together.


Mastering the intricacies of Adele’s V Matrix is critical to maximizing your damage, mobbing and bossing capabilities. Focus on trying your main boost nodes, balancing key special nodes, and optimizing for your chosen playstyle. Slowly enhance your Legion and Inner Abilities to amplify your Strength. Combine this with the right skill builds, combos, gear, and guild, and you will be on the path to reaching Adele’s true potential. With dedication and practice, you can become a top-tier Adele player using this guide.

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